Self-defense spray with matching holster

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Self-defense spray with matching holster

If you want to be able to carry the self-defense spray easily with you, this option is ideal for you! The holster is specially designed to fit the pepper spray alternative. The holster has been well thought out as you can easily attach it to your belt with sturdy velcro closure.

Description self-defense spray:
The 100% legal alternative to pepper spray in the Netherlands! The Criminal Identifier is an excellent self-defense spray that contains an almost unwashable spray paint to mark a perpetrator. The liquid keeps your attacker walking around with a red face for up to 5 days! The spray can be used several times and can spray about 3 meters. This self-defense spray has the appearance of a real pepper spray and is therefore a good deterrent! The Criminal Identifier is also one of the best-known pepper spray alternatives on the Dutch Market.

Brand: TIW 1000 - Hoernecke - Farb-gel-spray - holster


How does the self-defense spray with matching holster work?

Attach the holster to your belt for easy access everywhere.

Steps for an emergency:

1. Remove the Criminal Identifier from the Holster
2. Aim the Criminal Identifier at your attacker.
3. Press the button and spray your attacker.

Thanks to the hard-to-remove red paint gel, whoever attacks you will walk around with a red face for about 5 days.

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