In Development

We are currently at work creating 3 new products aimed at providing solutions.

The Drink Test Pendant
A pendant suitable for a wristband that lets you subtly test if your drink has been spiked with drugs.

The Stink Pendant
A last resort. A pendant suitable for a necklace that can be pulled open with a simple movement, to repel assault with a terrible odor.

The Test Straw
A means of protection aimed at organizers of festivals, clubs, and festive occasions. A straw with a slidable platform with testing spots, to test trinks for spiking with drugs.

Working on the Future
It is our goal to create these new solutions as soon as possible, to add them to the fight against Sexual Transgressive Behavior & Violence. As the development progresses, we will be showing more information on this page about our development process.

We want to continue using our development platform to create new solutions. Do you have ideas for new solutions as well? Take a look at our idea page!