Protect yourself with legal protection products

Safety is very important to us; your safety! So if you want to protect and defend yourself on a legal way than you came to the right spot! This is the place to find legal protection products to protect yourself when you're in danger!   

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Our southern neighbors are welcome!

Are you from Belgium and would you like to order something? It is possible!

VeiligStappen is located in the Netherlands, but we also notice interest from Belgium, which is why we have now opened our doors to Belgian visitors! Do you see something you want; order and we will get to work for you!

Despite the Corona Virus, we are OPEN!

Several customers asked if we're open during these times hence this message.

Despite the bars, clubs, entertainment venues (the entire HORECA!) Being closed, and all events canceled until September 1, 2020, we remain open online.

So you can still order our products with which you can protect yourself without any problems. As usual, we are also available for all of your questions.

Our new Going-Out-Safe program is here! Book us now!

We are launching an informational program for education institutes!

We can all make a difference towards the safety in our society and the night life. The problems in social behavior are something we have to attack from many sides. This is why information and education are an important thing to us in our fight.


We want to protect you & offer safety!

Watch the promotion video and see what we stand for and want to offer you safety!

We believe that going out and going out should be fun and that you should be able to go out nicely. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. That is why we believe in a direct approach. We want you to feel safer and to protect yourself when you really have to! Protect yourself, protect another & take a look at the Arsenal!

Your Idea

Send in your idea to make going outside even safer!

Do you have an idea that can be used against bad Sexual Behavior & Violence? An idea that can be used to combat #MeToo experiences? Or do you have an idea to influence the behavior of perpetrators?

Your idea can make a difference! Your idea can ensure that several people can be protected!

Submit your Idea!