Your Support

There are different ways for you to offer support!

Share your story.

To accomplish real changes in security, more is needed than just offering means of protection. The first step to accomplishing structural changes is increasing awareness about the problem. Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp are important steps in increasing this awareness, because they enable people to come forward with their stories, with the message that these kinds of stories are not exceptions, but common. And that victims do not stand alone.

Our website also offers the opportunity to share your story, on the Your Story page.

Contribute your ideas.
We are working hard to develop our own 3 inventions, as well as future actions and campagnes. We are not the only ones with good ideas. If you have an idea for a solution, improvement, deal, cooperation or product, or if you are looking for support for your own initiative or idra, take a look at the Your Idea page.

Purchase a solution.
We have a growing arsenal of solutions for customers and businesses. It is important for us to offer products, selected for the highest quality and appearance, for a the most reasonable price. In an ideal world our products would be obsolete, and their use never necessary. But for us, preventing incidents is the most important form of protection we can offer at this moment.

Support campaigns.
Many of our Partners are focused on campaigns to provide awareness and education, like the Dutch “Are You Okay?” Campagne from Knowledge Center Rutgers. Supporting these kinds of initiatives is an important method to increase awareness and their reach.

Find educational materials.
In the fight against Sexual Transgressive Behavior & Violence, it is vital to obtain accurate information about the size and cause of, and solutions to this problem. Partners like the Knowledge Center Rutgers and centers for aid to victims serve an important task in gathering and offering correct informations, such as you can find on our website. If you are looking for more knowledge on this problem, these are powerful tools.

Search for assistance.
Seksueel Geweld is iets dat zware littekens achterlaat die het leven blijven verstoren. Het is belangrijk om zulke incidenten goed te verwerken en personen die hier mee te maken hebben gekregen op de juiste manier te ondersteunen. Er zijn centra, websites en telefoonnummers beschikbaar, persoonlijk of anoniem, gericht op hulp, vragen en het bieden van ondersteuning na Seksueel Geweld.

Social Media.
If you are interested in these subjects, there are many ways to stay informed and up to date through Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. By adding diverse organizations to Twitter, or by giving them a Like on Facebook, you will receive updates with information about this theme, new projects and solutions, and the initiatives and campaigns being launched.

You can find us on Social Media as well. We would love to keep you informed on new developments, solutions, deals and projects.

Support projects.
In the fight against Sexually Transgressive Behavior & Violence and related problems, there are many good initiatives, workshops, campagnes and programs to take part in. Take a look on the sites of our Partners or our connections on Social Media, to see if there are initiatives that align with you, or that you would like to take part in. Public Support is very important for many of these initiatives.

Give to good causes.
Many organizers and organizations in the fight against Sexual Violence and for a safer public space are non-commercial and are dependent on the contribution of others for their programs, campaigns and initiatives. If you would like to aid them in contributing to a better world, they could really use your support. Examples of some good places to donate to are Knowledge Center Rutgers and Emancipator.

Support us directly, for further research and development.
A good portion of what we earn with our sales goes directly into research and development of new solutions in the fight for a safer nightlife. There are many new ideas for our arsenal, collaberations and campaigns that we would like to put into practice. The development of these can be supported through purchases from our arsenal.

You can also support us directly. If you are motivated to donate directly to us, to aid us in further developments and research, than this would be received with enormous gratitude. Direct single donation can be done through PayPal at this moment. For other forms of donation you can contact us directly through the Contact page.