Schrill Alarm - Sound Deterrent -Self Defense - Extreme Sound Alarm - 110 decibel - 2-pack

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Schrill Alarm - Personal alarm 2-pack

The Schrill Alarm is a very handy product because this personal alarm doesn't require any batteries and is easy to activate! The small van has enough capacity for about 50 emergency calls. With the screaming sound of no less than 110+ dB, you scare off attackers and draw attention to the criminals! This is also exactly what it was made for; scaring someone off and getting attention from bystanders and witnesses. The sound is unusual & unique and therefore stands out when you activate it.

The size makes it easy to put the van in your pocket to protect yourself or someone else.

Brand: TIW 1000 - Hoernecke - Schrill Alarm


How does it work?

When you end up in an emergency situation and you grab the personal alarm, the schrill alarm. First makes sure that the can is upwards. Then press the cap to activate the unpleasant almost screaming sound higher than 110dB! The schrill alarm can be used several times.

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