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Creating awareness is a powerful and good way to bring problems to attention. Thanks to movements like #MeToo en #TimesUp, structural problems are being exposed and victims of abuse are feeling their positions strengthened. The problems we are combatting are common ones, more prevalent than most people are aware of. Victims should not stand alone and isolated. Since the start of the #MeToo Movement, the number of reported cases of Sexual Violence have doubled. Awareness helps. That is why we would like to collect and share stories, to touch and motivate people to take action in their own way.

There is nothing we want more than to create more awareness, to help strengthen the fight against Sexually Transgressive Behavior & Violence. Sharing your story could give to empower and strengthen someone else. It could provide us with new insights and inspiration to find new solutions.

Have you had a bad experience while going out? How often do you get catcalled, or grabbed by your butt, or stalked? Have you or your friends ever had your drink spiked? Have you ever had a terrible experience with Sexually Transgressive Behavior or Violence? Do you often feel uneasy, fearful or intimidated in situations related to going out? If you have a story you would like to share; short, long, a statement or remark, you can! Of course, this will be kept confidential and anonymous.

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It is possible that your story will be shared anonymously on our website, fully or in part.