From now on, read all the latest developments around Corona & Going out!

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus affects us all. What are the rules that you must adhere to in the hospitality industry? What remains open? What's going to close? What can you expect if you were to go out now? And what could you do to ensure that the infections go down?

We keep an eye on the latest facts for the hospitality industry so that you are completely up-to-date again.

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Our latest addition: de DNA SPRAY!

Yes! We've been able to add a new protection product to 'our Arsenal' so that we can protect more people!

This time it's the Sinist DNA Spray. It is a very effective self-defense spray that been well thought off. The makers from Germany have designed and composed this DNA Spray in such a way that it is 100% legal and can be seen as a pepper spray alternative.

The spray is equipped with a safety lid so that you can take it with you safely and easily.

The best thing about this pepper spray alternative is that it has a triple protection. DNA marking, color marking and a terrible smell! With this you can protect yourself very well and bring yourself to safety when it comes down to it!

Order a DNA Spray now!

Would you like some extra benefit? Then view the DNA Spray 2-pack here!

Our southern neighbors are welcome!

Are you from Belgium and would you like to order anything? Then it's possible from now on! Although VeiligStappen may be located in the Netherlands, you're now able to place your orders.

We noticed that there was a lot of interest from Belgium and we thought if we could protect more people, than we should make it possible a.s.a.p! Hence we have now also opened our doors to Belgian visitors! See something you like; order and we will get to work for you. We're look forward to receiving your order!

Despite the Corona Crises, we are still open! 

After several customers asked us if we were open during these times, we thought it would be useful to make an announcement about this.

Despite that bars, clubs, entertainment catering industry (the entire HORECA!) are closed and all events canceled until at least September 1, 2020, we remain open online. So you can still order the solution-oriented products with which you can protect yourself.

As always, we are also available for all questions. 

Book our Going-out-safe program now! 

Recently we have our own educational program that we have written together with the help of image and peer educators. We think it is very important that young people can feel safe in our society, both outside and in the nightlife. The problems surrounding the subject of sexually transgressive behavior can be attacked from several sides. Preference and education by means of information is an important point for us!

The Safe-on-Step program mainly targets young people between the ages of 16 and 28. It is a modular program of 1 to 3 hours, which can be put together according to the needs of the educator, with a choice of emphasis on the following topics:

-Sexual violence in the Netherlands. - Risks and situations in the nightlife. -Group behavior and peer pressure. Differences in the experience of men and women. Right and wrong flirting. -Consent and setting boundaries. - Bystander intervention. -Contribute to positive change. - Behavior in the online environment.

Would you like more information about the education program? Read more here, or mail us at

A valuable day on the market!

Saturday, September 28, 2020. | Market Place Zwolle
We really wanted to hear your reactions and take valuable feedback back home. And that's why we decided to spend a day on the market in Zwolle.

After a lot of preparations and of course in good consultation with the market masters of Zwolle, we managed to get a nice spot right accross the Primark.

We want to thank everyone who paid us a visit and entered into a conversation with us. Thank you very much!

Watch the promo video of!

We have made a short introduction video to introduce ourselves briefly. To explain why and how we started

We want nothing more than to protect people whenever and wherever they are. We believe that too many people are still being unnecessarily harassed and touched. Something needs to be changed to tackle the major overarching problem of sexually transgressive behavior. And we can't do that alone. We are all needed for that.

And that is why we offer active and preventive solutions to protect yourself.

Watch the video here or click the picture! 

We are looking for municipalities that want to work with us!

In order to reach as many people as possible and to continue our fight against sexually transgressive behavior, we would very much like to see what we can do for each other. Of course, each municipality has a different idea of ​​how they solve the problem in their municipality.

This time we had a very good meeting with the municipality of Zaandam. Thanks for the good conversation and thinking in terms of possibilities!

Visiting the ORCA rowing club in Utrecht!

The rowing club ORCA organized the week of safety and asked us to provide them with a presentation.

Presentation sex, drink & drugs

Several subjects were discussed in the presentation. How can you handle sex, alcohol, and drugs safely? Risks when going out. Risks of excessive alcohol and drug use. Sex with consent. We also emphasized the enormous impact that sexually transgressive behavior can have among the young people present.

Of course, our test strips for the drinks & informational flyers were available for everyone.

An Orca quiz

After the presentation, a quiz was held by the board members. The winner's won prizes such as self-defense sprays and personal alarms.

Orca, thanks for inviting us to involve and raise awareness among more young people in this way! If you would like to take a look at the association ORCA, click here.

Watch the video of the Liberation festival Overijssel!

We also like to celebrate our freedom on 5 May. This time we were able to attend the liberation festival Overijssel, Zwolle. We value our freedom and find it important to be present. Watch the video for unique images of the liberation festival in Zwolle. Click here or click on the image to watch the video!

Good news!

Bureau Self-employed Friesland & Municipality of Heerenveen support!

Good news! Several municipalities support us! This time the Bureau Self-employed Friesland gives us good advice and because of the support we have received from our partners so far, but also mainly because they also share the opinion that more attention is needed and more active solutions to the problem; Sexually Transgressive Behavior & Violence in the Netherlands!

Thanks a lot!

She Got Game

VeiligStappen was present! International Woman's Day!

On International Women's Day, Paard van Troje in The Hague organized the 'She got game' party in The Hague, led by DJ Ferry Bol.

This evening we've had the privilege to connect with a lot of people, mainly guests to talk about going out safely. In addition to a nice giveaway of our test strips to raise awareness about drink spiking and sexually transgressive behavior when going out, we thoroughly enjoyed the interactions and conversations with the guests who were there. Very valuable!

We enjoyed the contact with everyone there and thank DJ Ferry Bol in particular for organizing this special evening!

We've won the #METOO Challenge!

StartHubs organiseerde vanuit het Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap de challenge 'Prevent #Metoo experiences when going out'. Since we were already working hard on this topic, we could of course not let this challenge go! We signed up and had to compete with about 30 other creative entrepreneurs.

After pitching in The Hague, we won the challenge, and as shared winners received a prize of € 10,000 to put to good use. Winning this award and the support we have received from the government has really given us a huge boost of confidence to use it to tackle the problem of sexual abuse!

StartHubs is an open innovation platform. They link organizations to startups, scale-ups & SMEs to accelerate innovation. Check out their website for new interesting challenges.

Extra thanks to the emancipation committee of the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science & the organizers of StartHubs! Thank you very much!