Self-defense spray - Legal Pepperspray Alternative - Criminal Identifier 2-pack

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Self-defense spray - Pepperspray alternative - Criminal identifier 2-pack

This pepper spray alternative is 100% legal in the Netherlands! The Criminal Identifier is an excellent self-defense spray that contains an almost unwashable red paint to mark a perpetrator. The liquid keeps your attacker walking around with a red face for up to 5 days! The spray can be used several times and can spray about 3 meters. This self-defense spray has the appearance of a REAL pepper spray and is therefore a good deterrent! The Criminal identifier is also one of the best-known pepper spray alternatives on the Dutch Market.

Brand: TIW 1000 - Hoernecke - Farb-gel-spray

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How to use the self-defense spay?

Only use the self-defense spray in emergencies. The spray is easy to use. When you have to use the 'Criminal Identifier' make sure you have the bottle upwards and pointed at the perpetrator simply aim and spray your attacker. 


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