VeiligStappen presents the Go-out-Safe Program!

EAn information program specially developed for young people where you determine the length and choose the content!

VeiligStappen now offers a program with various themes especially for young people between the ages of 17-24 who focus on 'Going out save'. We believe that going out safely does not start in the club, it starts with the person him- or herself. It has to do with how someone sees others, what and for whom he or she respects and how he or she expresses him- or herself or behaves. In order to positively influence as many young people as possible, we have developed this program to raise awareness among young people.

What do we offer and from which subjects can you choose?

You can choose the topics that are most suitable for you.

You can decide how long the presentation/program will be and deep we will go into various topics.
The complete package consists of the following subjects::

Here we briefly explain what we stand for, why we are there, what everyone can expect from it and there is the opportunity to get to know the group.

Information about the problem:
In this part, we provide information about one of the biggest problems in nightlife, namely Sexual Transgressive Behavior. We watch a short video and deal with the facts & figures concerning going out. We also cover some terms such as Victim Blaming & Slut-Shaming.

Risks and situations in the nightlife:
Since there are many risks before, during and after going out, it is good to discuss this in order to create awareness. Think of street intimidation, excessive alcohol consumption, taking laughing gas etcetera.

Groupsbehavior & Peer Pressure:
In this part, we're going to talk about how much influence group behavior has on the behavior of a person. To illustrate, we have an interactive balloon game that makes group behavior instantly visible. We also discuss the science behind group behavior and making decisions under group coercion. Furthermore, we will discuss with the group what kinds of experiences they have or have encountered.

Differences in experiences between Man and Woman:
We discuss various topics here. Consider, for example, the biological differences between men and women, male and female traits and gender norms & equality. To ensure good interaction, two games are available including a 'put the photos in the right order' game.

Flirting, Love, and Dating:
Here we will discuss good flirting and certainly also bad flirting, in real life, but also online (Tinder, Badoo, etc.). We'll show a short video about flirting wrong. In addition, a major topic is 'dealing with rejection'. In this part, we will, among other things, discuss how you reject someone without hurting the other person (in the long term). We also zoom in on dating & relationships.

Sex, Consent & Setting Boundaries: 
In this section, we all discuss the possible consequences of sex and sex without consent. In addition, we will deal with the skill setting boundaries. Here we discuss, among other things, when you set a limit and also how you can do that in an assertive manner.

Online Behavior:
In this section, we deal with the fact that people behave differently on the internet. This includes various topics such as; Bullying & Shaming, Sexting, Sextortion and Revenge Porn. 

How can you make a difference:
This section is about how you can make a difference, dismantle bad situations and also how to make your nightlife experience safer. This also includes a part that is purely for the purpose of bystander intervention. In this part, we teach you the different options and possibilities you have when you find yourself in an unpleasant or bad situation. We teach what you can do and where your personal strength lies.

At the conclusion of the session, we can take a quiz in which we give the winner a view prices of our solution-oriented products from the Arsenal. We are also going to discuss what we have learned so far, what the most important lesson was and what things we are going to do differently from now on.