Your Idea

Your concept can make the difference!

While setting up our enterprise, we learned that there are many more people, just like us, with good ideas for solutions to increase safety in the nightlife. Unfortunately not everyone with a good idea has the opportunity to make it a reality. Finding the time, finances, expertise and support are challenges that see many ideas that could help people go undeveloped. There are also many people that have supported us with good ideas for actions, contacts, and paths to explore, to make our setup a success.

Now that we have created a strong development platform, we would like to offer the same chance to others, to see their ideas and concepts realized. And, of course, we want to continue making positive connections and offering support to others that care about this subject.

Do you have an idea for a new solution to prevent more #MeToo experiences, or to improve the safety in public spaces? Are you looking for support in the development of your own solution or product? Are there improvements to our website, approach or arsenal that you would recommend? Do you have a good idea for a cooperation, promotion, support or contact for us? We would love to hear from you. Let’s realize improvements, together!

Send in your idea!

We're looking forward to it!