Our southern neighbors are also welcome!

Are you from Belgium and would you like to order something? It is possible!

VeiligStappen is located in the Netherlands, but we also notice interest from Belgium, which is why we have now opened our doors to Belgian visitors! Do you see something you want; order and we will get to work for you!

Despite the Corona Crisis, we are open!

After several customers asked us if we were open during these times, we thought it would be useful to make an announcement about this.

Despite the bars, clubs, entertainment venues (the entire HORECA!) are closed and all events canceled until September 1, 2020, we remain open online.

So you can still simply order the solution-oriented products with which you can protect yourself. As usual, we are also available for all your questions.

Our new Going-Out-Safe program is here! Book us now!

We are launching an informational program for education institutes!

We can all make a difference in the safety of our society and the nightlife. The problems in social behavior are something we have to attack from many sides. This is why information and education are important things for us in our fight.

The Going-Out-Safe program is primarily aimed at young people between the ages of 17 and 24. It is a modular program of 1 to 3 hours, that can be compiled according to the needs of the educator, with choices of the following subjects to emphasize:

-Sexual Violence in The Netherlands. -Risks and Situation in the Nightlife. -Group behavior and Peer Pressure. -Differences in Experience between Men and Women. -Good and Bad Flirting. -Consent and Setting Borders. -Bystander Intervention. -Contributing to Positive Change. -Behavior in the Online Environment.

For more information on the Going-Out-Safe program, or contact us at: info@veiligstappen.nl

Last Saturday we were at the Market!

Despite a lot of rain, it has certainly a successful & valuable day!

We want to thank everyone who visited us last Saturday and brought some extra safety home! It was a day full of fun interactions and good feedback!

Would you like to feel safer on the streets and protect yourself against #metoo experiences? Then don't forget to take a look at the Arsenal! Choose what fits best for you!

Armed with the new Arsenal to the Market!

This Saturday we will be in the center of Zwolle for a day!

We would like to meet you in person! Hence we thought it would be a valuable idea to spend a day on the Market. We would like to talk to you to be able to meet your needs even better. The goal is and remains to bring down the figures of sexual abuse & abuse together and to increase our safety!

We hope to see you there!

VeiligStappen.nl | Market Zwolle Center | 08.30 - 17.00 (Event has passed)

Soon: Big expansion of our Arsenal!

A doubling of our offers in the coming weeks.

5 new products will be appearing in the coming few weeks. One of the goals we have is the keep growing the number of solutions we offer, to keep continuously expanding the means of protection available. The coming weeks we will add to our Arsenal to give you more choices. This way you'll be able to choose what really suits you to protect yourself!

So keep an eye on our website in the coming weeks! There are already plans for even more upcoming expansion. Should you have ideas of your own for further solutions you would love to see available, then please submit them on the Your Idea page!

We want to protect you & offer safety!

Watch the promotion video and see what we stand for and want to offer you safety!

We believe that going out and going out should be fun and that you should be able to go out nicely. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. That is why we believe in a direct approach. We want you to feel safer and to protect yourself when you really have to! Protect yourself, protect another & take a look at the Arsenal!

Looking for municipalities that want to work together!

Yesterday we visited the Municipality of Zaandam!

In recent weeks we have been busy approaching our municipalities in the Netherlands. We want to look at ways of working together to tackle sexually transgraessive behavior and increase safety in public spaces. The conversation with Zaandam went well and we are curious about what we can do for each other in the future!

Visiting at Rowing Club Orca in Utrecht!

An information evening about Sex, Drugs & Alcohol.

Last week Veilig Stappen was invited by the Orca Rowing Club to provide information about Sexual Exceeding Behavior. Orca organized a Safety Week and was dedicated to Sex, Drink & Drugs.

VeiligStappen.nl Flyers were handed out with Figures & Facts about Sexually Exceeding Behavior and Test Strips so that the Orca members could test their drinks. We have also created a special discount code for all members of no less than 15%!

After having the information presented, a Quiz was held by the board members in which the products from our Arsenal of solution products which you can use to protect yourself with were given to the winners. The 1st place received a Criminal Identifier, a Schrill Alarm, and a Personal Alarm! The second place received a Criminal Identifier and a Schrill Alarm. And the 3rd place took a Personal Alarm with her!

If your an organization or association and you would also like us to provide a presentation about Sexually Exceeding Behavior? That’s possible! Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities!

LiberationFestival 2019 in Zwolle

Veilig Stappen was there!

We are happy to celebrate our freedom on the 5th of May! We attach great importance to this, despite the celebration of freedom, the struggle for security continues. Watch the video with unique footage of the Liberation Festival in Zwolle.


Enjoy Kingsday today!

Veilig Stappen wishes everyone a beautiful but also safe day today. On a day like this, there will be all kinds of activities which can be experienced throughout the Netherlands. Enjoy!

Good News!

Bureau Self-Employed Friesland & Municipality Heerenveen Support VeiligStappen.nl!

Today we got very good news! Bureau Self-Employed Friesland gave good advice thanks to the many support we've gotten until so far from our partners, but also because they also share the opinion that there is more attention needed, more active solutions against the problem: Sexual transgressive behavior & Violence in the Netherlands!


Our Websmiths are working on it!

A look around our website will reveal some bugs at the moment. Like missing pictures! Our news posts and reactions also vanished. The code of our website behind the scenes is complex and has some imperfections to hammer out. Our websmiths are doing their best to solve these problems as soon as possible.

As soon as these problems are resolved we will let you know. Your feedback about further bugs you manage to find will then be welcome! The webshop part of our website, fortunately, is 100% functional.

English version on its way!

We are working on this right now.

During the contact we have had with our audience, we have found that many people interested in our themes are of an international background. It is very important to us to be able to reach everyone. While adjusting the texts on our website, which we are working on right now, we will also be working to create english versions of these pages.

At the top of the page you can from now on change your user language. Please keep in mind that many pages have not been changed yet.

News posts have been deleted

Something has gone wrong.

It seems a bug ate the news posts on our website. Unfortunately these can no longer be retrieved.

Our apologies for any reactions that have been lost in the process.

She Had Game

Veiligstappen.nl was present on International Womansday!

On the 8th of March it was International Women's Day. We were there at the She Got Game celebration in the Paard van Troje club in Den Haag, with our own booth and free samples. We had a very nice time, getting to talk to everyone there. Our thanks goes out to DJ Ferry Bol for organizing this celebration.

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