The curfew is over

Corona and going out | Curfew is a thing of the past on the 28th of April 2021 | Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Another step has been taken for relaxation in the Netherlands. Despite the numbers that aren't going down and a slow paste of vaccinations, there have been a number of positive developments from the 28th of April.

Currently there is an opening plan for society

This is just step 1. The intention is that there will be more relaxation. View the step-by-step plan from RIVM. Source:

The latest corona measures in the hospitality industry etc.

  • All food and beverage outlets, cafes, and restaurants are closed, but the terraces open from 12:00 to 18:00.
  • Shopping is possible without an appointment and markets are fully open again.
  • Events are prohibited!
  • Alcohol and legal drugs may no longer be purchased or delivered from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Mandatory masks in public indoor spaces.
  • Groups are allowed in indoor areas, depending on the activity (wedding & funeral) between 20 and a maximum of 100 people.
  • At home, you can receive a maximum of 2 person per day.
  • Sports canteens remain closed.

What can you expect while going out?

Well, we can write a long article about this, but the answer remains, unfortunately, a closed-door!

Before October 14, 2020, you were allowed in until 9 p.m., and the doors were closed at 22 p.m. This is over, all cafes, bars and restaurants are now closed.

What can you do?

That's the big question today? Can you make sure that the infections go back on your own? Is the coronavirus real? Where does it really come from? Maybe other things are actually going on here? Are the tests correct? Can we go back to the old normal? Should we accept the new normal?

It is logical that many questions and uncertainties arise at such times. It is also easy to look for responsibility outside of yourself. It's because... It's up to... If they wouldn't do this... If they wouldn't do that.

We've also are also battling against an enormous problem, namely sexually transgressive behavior. Here too we found out that it is not just solved. Change for all often starts alone and as more and more people start to do the same, there is gradually room for change. So if we all want to ensure that we can get more freedom again, then we all have to start achieving that, alone. And that starts small. Wash your hands more often, pay attention to your health, do not travel unnecessarily, do your shopping alone, connect with your friends and family in a creative way.

What would we like to pass on to you is; please keep asking yourself: What can you do to ensure that we can slowly but surely regain our freedom?

Always consult the RIVM website for the latest and current information about the Corona virus. Read here, for example, what financial arrangements the government can offer you if you are an entrepreneur.