Persoonlijk Alarm 2-Pack - 130 db Alarm & LED light

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Personal Alarm - 130 Decibel 

An unique and handy personal alarm that you can easily use to sound the alarm! The device is compact, lightweight and easy to take anywhere. Partly because you can easily hook the personal alarm to your bag or keychain, you'll have the alarm ready to use! 

The sound and alarm
The sound is unpleasantly hard en reached 130 decibels with sound measurements. When activated the alarm will stay on with the LED lights until you put the pin back in the alarm. This alarm draws attention from people close by and witnesses, exactly what perpetrators don't like!

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How does the alarm work?

This personal alarm is easy to use. In order to sound the alarm in case of an emergency, all you need to do is pull the alarm so that the pin comes out the alarm itself. Then the alarm will go off and gives out a very loud high alarm sound, also the LED lights will go on and off. The good thing is when you pull the alarm the pin stays in so you won't have a problem putting the pin back in to sut the alarm off. 

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