Criminal Identifier with Lid - Self Defense Spray - Legal Pepper Spray Alternative

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Are you looking for an effective way to protect yourself or someone else?

Then the Criminal Identifier is really something for you! 

Thé Alternative to Pepper Spray!
With safety cover!
100% Legal in the Netherlands!
Mark your attacker with permanent red coloring!
Scare off your attacker and escape from danger!
Feel Safer!
Spray accurately for several meters!
Reusable multiple times!


If you seek to defend yourself in an effective & legal way, and you are looking for an alternative to pepper spray, then the TIW Self Defense Spray with Safety Lid, is perfect for you. With the "Criminal Identifier" with you, you will immediately benefit from a greater sense and state of security!

The safety lid makes sure the activation button won't be pressed by accident, for example in your bag, coat or pocket!

The self defense spray is easy in its use:
1. Aim the Criminal Identifier at your attacker.
2. Press the button to spray your attacker with the marking spray.

Thanks to the hard to remove red pigment gel, the assailant will be identifiable up to 5 days!

The Criminal Identifier is useful, small and very effective. In addition, the zelf defense spray is 100% legal! This is because the liquid inside is a non-damaging substance, unlike in pepper spray. That is why the Criminal Identifier is the ideal alternative. Of course, only use the TIW self defense spray in real emergency situations.

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