Self-defense spray with and without safety lid - 2-pack

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Self-defense spray with and without safety lid

They both have the same function, they only have a different appearance. They are both 100% legal pepper spray alternatives in the Netherlands! They are both excellent self-defense sprays that contain an almost unwashable spray paint to mark an attacker. The liquid keeps your attacker walking around with a red face for up to 5 days! The sprays can be used several times and can spray about 3 meters. They have the appearance of a pepper spray which makes it a good deterrent! 

Brand: TIW 1000 - Hoernecke - Farb-gel-spray


How does it work?

1. Aim the Criminal Identifier at your attacker.
2. Press the button and spray so that your attacker has a red face for about 5 days.

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