Personal Alarm - 130 Decibel

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Looking for a unique and convenient means of protection?

Then this Personal Alarm is perfect for you!

Ear deafening alarm from 130 dB!
2-IN-1 Alarm with LED flashing light!
Easy to use!
Scare offenders!
Escape from danger!
Feel safer!
Including batteries, key chain, and a flashlight!


With this Personal Alarm in your pocket, you'll immediately feel a lot safer.

How does it work?

1. Attach the alarm to whatever you want.
2. In the event of danger, remove the pin from the alarm to activate the ear-deafening alarm with bright flashing LED lights.
3. After the danger is over, push the pin back into the alarm to switch it off. 

The pin remains attached to the alarm when the alarm is triggered, so you won't lose the pin easily. 

An ideal product to protect yourself or others.

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