Tactische Flashlight - Solar Flare - 1000 Lumen - Waterproof - Metal military flashlight - 2-pack

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Tactische Solar Flare Zaklamp 2-pack

Surprise your attacker with 1000 lumens of light! This tactical iron flashlight is ideal to have with you in dark situations. The flashlight has several modes, including a flicker mode. You can use this to blind an attacker so that you can easily getaway.

Furthermore, this solid and compact flashlight is equipped with a zoom lens. So you can easily center the light beam on one point or make it larger to see larger areas.

It is easy to carry, is water-resistant, and works on 3 AAA batteries.

Brand: VeiligStappen.nl - Solar Flare - Tactical flashlight


How does it work?

1. Select the position that is most suitable for the situation.
2. Blind your attacker.

The compact design is water-resistant and forged from black aluminum, sturdy enough to break through the glass.

This small but very powerful flashlight has 5 different modes.
1. The strongest light beam. 2. Normal light beam. 3. Moderate light beam. 4. Flicker (strobe) setting. 5. SOS mode.

*TIP: have your flashlight ready in mode 3 (moderate light beam), this way when you would put on your flashlight it will immediately start in the flicker (strobe) setting. 

Switch between the different modes:

You can reach these different positions by pressing the on and off button several times. Or by gently pressing the on and off button to go to the next position. It just depends on your preference.

Zooming with the VeiligStappen.nl flashlight:

With this flashlight you have the option to concentrate the light beam, you can do this simply by sliding the head out. You can shine between 100 - 200 meters with the concentrated light beam.

The Solar Flare flashlight is easy to take with you and is ideal for protecting yourself in dark situations.

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