Tactical Self Defense Pen

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Looking for a protective means that you can bring anywhere??

A Tactical Pen is a powerful and stylish solution.

Forged from stainless steel!
Tungsten metal defensive point!
With 3 free fillings!
Usable as Kubotan on pressure points!
Strong enough to smash through glass!
Powerful and interesting appearance!
Available in Silver, Metal, Black and Gold colors!

Color Tactical Pen:

Well prepared with a Tactical Pen in your pocket!

What can you do with a Tactical Pen?

Our Tactical Pens might look like ordinary pens to write with. But when you suddenly find yourself in a bad situation you can immediately defend yourself with it! This Tactical Pen is strong and has a good grip. It is thanks to this shart point, with which you can punch through glass, that this Pen is so effective! You don't want to get hit with this point.

Furthermore, this Pen has 4 sharp notches which can contain, if used correctly, the DNA of your attacker and might be used as proof to identify your perpetrator or attacker. 

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