Sinest DNA Spray - Kleurcodering Spray 2-pack

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DNA Spray - Self-defense spray - Smell spray

The latest pepper spray alternative on the Dutch market! This legal defense spray has 3-fold protection; color, DNA Identification, and a terrible smell! With this, you give an attacker a memory that won't forget any time soon. Just what they deserve!

The DNA Spray is equipped with a handy safety lid cover and can be used several times to offer you safety, of course only use in real emergency situations.

Brand: HELPME Deutschland UG

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How does it work?

1. Aim the DNA Spray at your attacker.
2. Press the button.

The Sinest DNA Spray offers triple protection, thanks to a very effective mix of ingredients:

1. The spray marks an attacker with a dye for easy identification.
2. Each spray contains DNA with a specific code associated with the canister, making it beyond doubt that your marked suspect was really your attacker.
3. The mix in the van contains a highly repellent stink fluid to promote deterrence and behavior change.