Sinist DNA Spray - Color Coding Spray

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DNA Spray enormously effective self-defense spray!

The DNA Spray is the pepper spray alternative for maximum self-defense. 

A great alternative to pepper spray!
100% Legal in the Netherlands!
3-way protection: color, DNA identification, and a terrible odor.
Scare off an offender and avoid danger!
Feel safer in any environment!
Safety cover against accidental fire!
Can be used several times!

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With our DNA Spray in your pocket, you are well prepared!

The Sinist DNA Spray offers triple protection, thanks to a very effective mix of ingredients:

1. The spray marks an attacker with the dye.
2. When spraying, the spray leaves DNA sports behind on the attacker, making it easier to recognize and reducing the burden of proof having to be provided by the police to convict the perpetrator.
3. The mix in the van contains a very gore and repellent stink fluid that provides deterrence and behavioral change.

The triple protection is what makes this self-defense spray highly effective!

How do you use the DNA Spray?

1. Aim the DNA Spray at your attacker.

2. Press the button and spray! 


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