Combi: Self Defense Spray + Sound Alarm - Criminal Identifier + Schrill Alarm - Pepperspray Alternatief

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The Criminal Identifier Self Defense Spray and the Schrill Sound Alarm form the perfect team together to assure your safety.

Not every situation you encounter will be the same. In one situation, a sound alarm could be a perfect tool to get the attention of bystanders and witnesses. In a push of a button, the Schrill Alarm will produce an almost ear-shattering sound that can be heard at distance of over 110 dB.

In other situations, you have to scare off or temporarily take out an assailant to get to safety. With the Criminal Identifier, you can temporarily ward off or blind an attacker by spraying a red identifying pigment into their face. The pigment is wash-resistant and can help identify an attacker for up to 5 days. Easy identification!

Use this powerful combination to provide you with protection, when you really need it!


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