Kubotan Self Defense Keychain

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Stylish and very effective self-protection. 

Multiply your defensive power with a Kubotan!

Focus al your strength on a single point!

Break your attacker's will!

Suitable as a Key Chain!

Always have a means of protection on you!

Options in shape and many colors!

Multi-functional zelf-defence tool!

Prepared for risky situations!

Kubotan Shape
Kubotan Color

With a Kubotan, you have the advantage in a confrontation!

What can you do with a Kubotan?

A Kubotan is a means of focusing all your strength into a single point. 
With a strike to a pressure point any attacker can be taken down.
A Kabotan does not focus on doing damage, but on deterring misconduct through pain.

A Kubotan kan be wielded in a variatie of ways. Stabbing or pushing on pressure points. Strengthening your fist for punching. As an assisting tool for hand locks and strangle grips. Even as a flail with your keys on the end. With a subtle and interesting appearance, it is easy to take along as a means of protection.

Originally developed for female police officers, the Kubotan is a tool that has proven itself itself as the "instrument for behavior correction". 

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