Camera Pen

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Do you need to collect evidence to protect yourself or someone else?

This Camera Pen can help you!

Make clear recordings!

Make photos!

Record conversations!

Collect the evidence you need!

Inclusive 8 GB Memory Card!

Inclusive USB Charge cable!


With the Camera Pen, you'll collect all the proof you need!

How does the Camera Pen work?

Before you go out to collect your evidence, it is important to set up the camera pen so that the correct date is shown on the videos and photos. Also, it is good to have clear what kind of proof you need. Are you going to go for photos and/or a sound recording or do you want to record a video? Please read the instruction manual, our advice is to go over it so that you don't make any mistakes for the real thing! Good luck!

Resolution Camera Pen
Video: 1080P 1920 x 1080 Photo: 2560 x 1440

Installing the Camera Pen:
Before you start with video recording, sound recording and taking photos, first install the memory card. Without a memory card, the Camera pen does nothing. Turn the pen open and slide the memory card into the pen. If you forget to put the memory card in the pen and do decide to try and record anything the blue and yellow lights will light up at the same time, blink 6 times and then switch off automatically.

USB connection:
You can slide the pen directly into your USB port on your PC or Laptop. When you open the folder you will see three folders one for photos, one for recordings and one for videos. You also see a notepad file that allows you to set up the time.

Set the time:
Open the Notepad document. When you open the document you can enter the correct time and then simply save the file. When you have correctly saved the date & time, your videos and photos will show the correct date and time in the bottom left. Very handy if you are collecting evidence.

Charging the Camera Pen:
You can charge your Camera Pen with the USB cable that comes with it. The cable supports charging from a DC 5V / 1A & 2A charger. If the Camera Pen is charging then the light on the back will flash yellow slowly. When the Camera Pen is fully charged, the yellow light stays on.

With a fully charged pen in combination with the 8 GB memory card, you can record on average 60 minutes of videos and an average of 120 minutes sound recordings.

To record audio, photos (MODE 1) & videos (MODE 2):
When you start collecting evidence it is advisable to first be clear what kind of evidence you want to go for. If you open the pen, there is a switch at the USB port. If you choose MODE 1, you can record audio and take photos. When you choose MODE 2 you can record a video.

MODE 1 make a sound recording and take pictures: 
Your pen is in MODE 1, press the top on/off button. The yellow indicator light will illuminate and also stays on. You are now making a sound recording. If you want to take a photo, press briefly press the top on/off button. The blue light will light up once. You can choose it to take several photos in succession. A new sound recording will then start automatically. The sound recordings and photos that you make are automatically saved.

MODE 2 to make a video recording:
Your pen is now in MODE 2, when you press the top on/off button the Camera Pen starts to record a video. The blue one indicator light will blink 3 times. You are now recording a video. You can also choose it to make multiple recordings. When you are recording and you briefly press the top on/off button then the Camera Pen goes into standby mode. The yellow indicator light stays on in standby. To record, another video simply press on the top on/off button again.

Disable the Camera Pen:
When you have finished collecting your evidence, press the button, whatever mode you have selected, for 3 seconds, this will turn off your Camera Pen. You'll see the yellow and blue indication light flashing on and off at the same time.

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