Tactical Self Defense Pen

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Looking for a protective means that you can bring anywhere?

A Tactical Pen is a powerful and stylish solution.

Forged from stainless steel!

Tungsten metal defensive point!

With 3 free fillings!

Usable as Kubotan on pressure points!

Strong enough to smash through glass!

Powerful and interesting appearance!

Available in Silver, Metal, Black and Gold colors!

Color Tactical Pen:

With the Schrill Alarm in your pocket, you'll feel safer!

How does it work? Function

1. Aim the Schrill Alarm on your attacker.
2. Press the button down to release the high, almost screaming sound of 110dB towards your attacker.

The Schrill Alarm is an easy product, has a unique sound and is something you can take with you easily.

An ideal product to have on you to protect yourself of someone else. 

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