Our Story

How did we get started?

Over a year ago we were watching a program on Discovery Channel over the spiking of drinks and sexual abuse. Because of this program, we started to wonder; How would it be possible to check your drink in a subtle way? And how large is the problem of sexual abuse in our country? As brothers, we developed the idea together to find a way to test your drink in an easy and subtle way. But of course, our first step had to be research!

Firstly, we tried to uncover just how big the problem of rape is in our country. This turned out to be a challenge to determine the actual size of the problem because there are a lot of competing numbers out there. 1 in 8 women was our initial conclusion. Until we found the report published by Research Center Rutgers, ‘Sexual Health in The Netherlands 2017’, based on 17.000 correspondents. Source: Onderzoek Seksuele Gezondheid. In this publication, the scope of the problem really became clear: 54% of women and 19% of men have experienced Sexually Transgressive Behavior. 22% of women and 6% of men experienced Sexual Violence. We naturally found these numbers to be staggering. It is hard to believe that in these modern times we live in, the problem remains this prevalent.

Now that we had these numbers clear, we knew from that moment on that this was definitely a cause we wanted to devote ourselves too. We had an idea for a single product, but it would not stay at one. There are of course multiple situations where women, men, teens, and children can become victims of Sexually Transgressive Behavior & Violence. For that reason, we planned to create an Arsenal of solutions against this problem.

Fortunately, our government also agreed that this was a problem that needed solutions. Coincidentally, StartHubs.co was organizing a Challenge for the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, to stop #MeToo experience in the nightlife. This is of course exactly what we were working on, and so we participated in this challenge. We had a successful pitch in our capital city of The Hague and became one of the winners of this challenge! We have been very grateful for this, because thanks to the support of the Ministry, we as brothers have completed the Set Up Face of our startup, and are able to start helping to solve this problem. Because the problem is so big, we, of course, cannot accomplish this alone. We are always looking for allies in the fight to reduce the numbers, and we hope you will be one too. We thank you for your support!