Panic Whistle or Rape Whistle

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Are you looking for an easy, classic and easy way to protect yourself or someone else?

Then the Panic whistle or Rape whistle is what you're looking for! 

Scare of your attacker!
Draw the attention of bystanders and witnesses!
Easy, simple and effective!
Escape danger!
Feel safer!
Suitable for children!
Whistle louder than 125 dB!

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With the Panic Whistle or Rape Whistle around your neck, you'll feel safer!

How does it work?

1. Wear the Panic Whistle around your neck to always have it with you. 
2. Whistle in case of an emergency to scare off your attacker. 

With the Panic Whistle, you have a classic and effective way to defend yourself, your parents or children with. 

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