Testing Strip (5 pieces)

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Do you want to go out safe? And you don't want your drink to get spiked? 

Than these Test Strips are ideal for you!

Check your Drink!

Test on GHB, Ketamine and other drugs!

Prevent dangerous situations!

Easy to take with you!

Feel safer!


With the Testing Strips in your pocket, you'll feel safer!

These Testing Strips are handy, small and detect drugs that you don't want to have in your drink.  

Instructions Test Strips

1. Apply a drop of drink to the yellow & pink test papers.

2. If either test paper changes to orange or blue, DO NOT DRINK!

VeiligStappen.nl Test Strips test for minimal standard dosages of ketamine and GHB (gammahydraxybutyrate) in drinks. Smaller quantities may not be detected. Some substances, such as those red in color, may produce a false positive. Follow instructions exactly. Do not place in a drink. A drink producing a negative result could still be unsafe as it may contain dangerous substances other than those tested for. If in doubt, do not drink! Store test away from children, chemicals, and moisture.


The manufacturer does not make any representation or warranty save as specifically set out above, cannot be held responsible for the presence of any substance other than specified above, and excludes all liability for consequential and all other loss to the extent permitted by law. The manufacturer's liability for a defective product is limited to replacement or refund of the purchase price.


When your Test Strip tells you that your drink contains drugs immediately go to the bar or the people that work there, look or contact your friends and/or contact someone who is there for you. Make sure you arrive home safely. 

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